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    You tried every diet on Earth and nothing seems to work? I know how you are feeling, I've been there.
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    Spent a fortune on diet foods. I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, confused, stressed about what I am going to eat.
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    I was struggling to find balance, to actually enjoy food, get healthy and finally get into the body of my dreams.

“Lost 44 lbs with this program”

I’m a member since August 2017. I got my keto meal plan very fast, by email. There were some meals that I didn't love and lovely Loana substituted them right away. As I am a busy person I don’t have much time to cook but she kept me organised and motivated through the whole collaboration. I’ve gained lots of self-confidence, lost a lot of weight and learned so many things about health. Now, t​​​​hanks to this plan I changed my eating habits forever. I make healthier choices now because I understood the importance of REAL food in my diet. "

Marcela S. - Teacher

“36 lbs lighter all thanks to keto delicious foods and great support"

“I became a member 2 months ago. All I can say it’s that this keto meal plan changed my life forever. We were lied for so long that fats are bad for us, but believe it or not coconut oils made my pants fall off. This program is eye-opening, the coach and group members give you all the support and help you need to understand the basics. They were very responsive to my questions and let no place for doubt. I recommend joining this program

Samantha A.  - Interactive Solutions Engineer
One Time Charge of $39.99 - Lifetime Access!  No Hidden Fees. Instant Access. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

“I was very skeptical, but now I am glad I took the challenge"

“I lost 26 lbs just by following the meal plan as laid out. I was never hungry and ate only delicious keto meals. I loved all the meals, especially the desserts."

Betty T.

I found a way to make my dream come true without dieting a single day

My name is Loana and my greatest passion of all time is nutrition.

I’ve struggled for years with self-confidence and body issues. I tried all the possible diets and detox plans on the internet. I was sick of counting calories, getting frustrated and scared if I ate 200 calories extra or craved a creamy chocolate cake. I was totally obsessed with food. It was all I was thinking about all day long. As a personal coach, I love to help people to transform their body & mind.

But, after many years of research and self-learning, I’ve developed an easy & healthy plan to follow, that helped me feel in control over the food I eat, not to let it control me anymore.

Back in 2013, I discovered the Atkins diet that promised eating as much protein and fat as you can, limit carbs and you'll be slim and healthy in no time. In fact, my transition to eating low carb was harder.

One Time Charge of
 $39.99 - Lifetime Access!  
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

What is KETO?  Will it work for me?

KETO is finding balance in eating a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein diet to enjoy the benefits of being in ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state, where your body uses fat for fuel instead of glucose. 

It takes time and practice to find what works for you. That’s why so many people fail at reaching ketosis . 

I firmly believe that a KETO can cure different diseases and help you lose fat without expensive supplements. Only with the power of nutrient dense REAL foods.

Retrain your brain. Change your body

What KETO did for me...

Being in a state of ketosis lead me to mood stabilisation, eliminate anxiety, elevated my energy levels during the day. It also improved my digestive functions, sharpened my memory, helped me sleep well and wake up energised. 

I am not felling guilty anymore about eating a high caloric meal. I learned that food is fuel, not a punishment. I'm not obsessively counting calories to lose weight

And there are high-quality studies that prove the benefits of a fat-based ketogenic approach in all these types of issues.

And there are high-quality studies that prove the benefits of a fat-based ketogenic approach in all these types of issues.


Studies show show that KETO helps you lose more weight along with all the health benefits than restrictive, low-fat diets.

Use stored fat as fuel

Lower inflammation and promote hormonal balance


Feel energised and focused everyday


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    Let me do the hard work for you!
    Organize your meals, give you weekly shopping lists, Calculate your MACROS to fit your goals.
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    You will get 4 weeks of Mouthwatering Recipes with the Accelerated Meal Plan Program.
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    All the recipes are tested for accelerated fat loss and easy to make
    You can find all the ingredients for the recipes at the nearest store and get started right away!



1.   You will notice an improvement in your energy levels, sleeping patterns. Other benefits are clearer thinking, lack of hunger and feeling more energised during the day. We apply the science behind a Ketogenic diet to deliver you the best results.
2.   Shred body fat with our tasty, single serving recipes included in the program
3.    All the recipes are dairy-free and nut-free. This will speed up your weight loss process, help reversing type 2 diabetes.
4.   Turn your body into a fat burning machine. Remember that eating fat does not make you fat. We just blame on fat for what carbs do.


See Your Sample of the Program

What's inside the KETO program?

  • ​4 weeks of Mouthwatering Recipes with the Accelerated Meal Plan
  • The Ultimate Start-Up Guide- Your complete guide to a ketogenic lifestyle
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    Learn all about Macros, the best way to test ketosis, signs that you ​are keto adapted, how to deal with KETO ​​​​flu & tips& tricks for making your keto journey easier.
  • All macros calculated for accelerated fat loss
  • Easy to ​follow, single servings recipe guide

  • Access to our private Facebook group for support, motivation, and amazing keto community

  • Weekly Overview of All Meals

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

  • Printable meal planner organizer to track your progress

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    Special Bonuses for​ all the members

Take a taste the meals inside the plan

Classic Keto Breakfast

Zero Carb Keto Carbonara

Keto Crepes from Week 2

Vanilla Coconut Pudding

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One Time Charge of $39.99 
Lifetime Access!

No Hidden Fees. Instant Access.

It Works for Real People

"I took it as a challenge and I changed my life"

“I lost 25 lbs following this plan, but I gained confidence and learned how to  use food to nourish my body. KETO is my lifestyle now."

Shane M.

 I lost 47lbs in only 3 months"

“3 months ago I was close to 100kg. I had to do something. I knew that KETO helps with fat loss and discovered Loana's program. I am thrilled that I lost 47lbs in only 3 months"

Anna O.

About the Me

My life completely changed when I discovered Ketogenic(low carb high fat) way of eating. I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and what’s best for my body and mind. I’ve tried hard for such a long time to stick to a low-fat diet, eating healthy carbs and watching my calorie intake. It took me years of trying fad diets, juice detoxes and water fasts. I failed and learned. When I finally found what works best for me I felt released, I felt FREE. Free from thinking all the time about food or what I’m going to eat next. FREE from being scared I’ll gain weight instead of losing. 

Now I want to teach people the same things that I learn on my own. 

Here's a  "What You Get" 

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    KETO Diet planned for you
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    Weekly Shopping Lists
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    Macros calculated for fat loss 
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    Free lifetime coaching in our private online group 
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    ​The complete allowed keto food list
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    ​40+ KETO recipes including Desserts
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    Comprehensive Start-up Guide
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    Learn all about Macros, the best way to test ketosis, signs that you are keto adapted, how to deal with KETO flu & tips& tricks for making your keto journey easier.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

If you stick 100% with my plan, I am confident that you will see the results you want - just like so many others before you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to leave the Facebook Group after the 4 weeks?

How much weight will I lose with this program?

What can I eat if I get hungry?

Should we take supplements in the 4 weeks keto meal plans?

​Would it be okay to repeat a day if you don't have time to cook?

What if I can't give up desserts?

P.S.:  Are You Ready To Become A Fat Burning Machine? You won't be alone as I will guide you to success by answering all your questions in our Private Coaching Group.

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