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  • Unlock the benefits of the keto diet with our 4 weeks program that includes free lifetime coaching. You will notice clearer thinking, lack of hunger and feeling more energized during the day.
  • Shred body fat with our tasty low carb recipes included in the program.
  • Become a fat burning machine and learn how to reach your dream weight without feeling hungry and deprived.
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Here what’s included in the keto program

An easy-to-follow program designed to give you maximum results by teaching you how to burn fat for fuel. All you need to start and make the definitive transformation you are looking for.

4 Weeks Keto Meal Plan

Each day you will get to enjoy exceptional three meals and a dessert. The day-by-day meal plan is designed to keep you full and satisfied.

  • Over 45+ recipes with easy to find ingredients and detailed instructions ready in less than 20 minutes.
  •  A mix of various cuts of meats, vegetables, and fats. No boring food, ever.
  • 100% sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free.
  • No guesswork – Just follow along with the meal plan without trying to figure out macros, what and how much to eat

Easy Keto Guide

This easy keto guide will give you answers to the most common questions about ketogenic and low carb diets.

  • All about the keto flu and how to cure it.
  • What is ketosis and how to measure it?
  • What are macros and how to count them
  •  The low-fat myth
  •  All your keto questions answered!

45+ Keto Delicious Recipes

Eat only incredibly delicious food with the 45+ recipes included in the program. Each recipe was tested and adjusted to taste perfect and have an amazing macro ratio. All you have to do is to buy the ingredients, cook and enjoy the meal.

Weekly Shopping Lists

  • Know what wholesome ingredients to get each week to make the food preparation process easier.
  • Sorted ingredients by categories for effortless shopping
  • The ingredients are easy to find in stores in any part of the world

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Studies show that KETO helps you lose more weight along with all the health benefits than restrictive, low-fat diets.

More Fat Burn

More Fat Burn

Reduced Hunger & Cravings

Reduced Hunger & Cravings

Stabilized blood sugar

Stabilized blood sugar


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40+ Easy Keto Recipes

Fast Salad

Ready in only 5 minutes!

Vanila Chia Seed Pudding With Berries

Super creamy and high in nutrients keto breakfast.

Chicken Wings with Creamy Broccoli

A mouthwatering combination - high in fat and easy to make.

Pizza Omelette

Enjoy a super high nutrient meal!


36 lbs lighter all thanks to keto delicious foods and great support I became a member 2 months ago. All I can say it’s that this keto meal plan changed my life forever. We were lied for so long that fats are bad for us, but believe it or not coconut oils made my pants fall off. This program is eye-opening, the coach and group members give you all the support and help you need to understand the basics. They were very responsive to my questions and let no place for doubt. I recommend joining this program- Samantha A. - Interactive Solutions Engineer
3 months ago I was close to 100kg. I had to do something. I knew that KETO helps with fat loss and discovered Loana's program. I am thrilled that I lost 47lbs in only 3 months- Anna O.
“I lost 25 lbs following this plan, but I gained confidence and learned how to use food to nourish my body. KETO is my lifestyle now.``- Shane M.
“I lost 26 lbs just by following the meal plan as laid out. I was never hungry and ate only delicious keto meals. I loved all the meals, especially the desserts.``- Betty T.
“I’m a member since August 2017. I got my keto meal plan very fast, by email. There were some meals that I didn't love and lovely Loana substituted them right away. As I am a busy person I don’t have much time to cook but she kept me organized and motivated through the whole collaboration. I’ve gained lots of self-confidence, lost a lot of weight and learned so many things about health. Now,<br /> thanks to this plan I changed my eating habits forever. I make healthier choices now because I understood the importance of REAL food in my diet. ``- Marcela S.
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