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My name is Ioana and my greatest passion of all time is nutrition. I’ve struggled for years with self-confidence and body issues. I tried all the possible diets and detox plans on the internet. I was sick of counting calories, getting frustrated and scared if I ate 200 calories extra or craved a creamy chocolate cake. I was totally obsessed with food. It was all I was thinking about all day long. As a personal coach, I love to help people to transform their body & mind.

When I first heard about a low-carb, high-fat diet, I just couldn’t believe that eating fat can make you slim and curb your cravings for good. In the beginning, it looked easy to eat as much meat and fats as I wanted and not gain a single pound.

But, after many years of research and self-learning, I’ve developed a plan that helped me to feel in control over the food that I eat and not to let food control me anymore.

There has to be a balance in eating a high-fat, low-carb diet to enjoy the benefits of being in ketosis. It takes time and practice to find what works for you. That’s why so many people fail at reaching ketosis. I firmly believe that a Ketogenic diet can cure different diseases without expensive supplements or extreme diets.

Being in a state of ketosis lead me to mood stabilization, eliminate anxiety, elevated energy levels during the day. It also improved my digestive functions and sharpened my memory. And there are high-quality studies that prove the benefits of a fat-based ketogenic approach in all these types of issues.

How can I help you become healthier and achieve all your goals?

You can join our online community from anywhere in the world. My Program ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS & HEALING KETO MEAL PLAN is an online nutrition coaching program that helps you reach your goals. I promote eating real healthy food.

My meal plans are based on the famous Ketogenic diet. We do not fear fat, we fear carbs. After many years of research and many failed cooking experiments, we discovered the best weight loss ketogenic plan and the best recipes. I will provide you one-to-one coaching that will bring your life to another level.

Join us to improve your weight loss, increase your energy and develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Say goodbye to cravings and make healthy fats your best friend.

My mission is to apply the science behind the Ketogenic diet to create a great community of people who will apply the flexibility and positive benefits of Keto and tracking macros.